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We are all struggling with some aspects of our lives. Sometimes we don’t feel appreciated enough, other times we struggle with confidence in business. Australian business owners and entrepreneurs are struggling mainly because of a lack of support systems and workshops that are accessible and affordable.

Upower is determined to give you an opportunity to become successful, get your skills recognised, and have the money and lifestyle you always wanted. Our non-profit organisation empowers business owners, especially women, to branch out and helps entrepreneurs to create their own businesses.

Upower coaches and trains small business owners, especially women, of all ages and social backgrounds. Our workshops and relationships with industry leaders, mentors, and other small business owners will support you and give you the tools to succeed. These workshops are a safe place to share ideas and learn about the latest small business management practices. You will come away with amazing networking opportunities and the ability and confidence to flourish in your chosen business.

Upower workshops are run weekly, are interactive and fun – no boring classroom lectures! Our facilitators and coaches are friendly, relatable and very easy to follow. We also offer customised workshops and mastermind groups for different industry groups.

Upower is passionate about changing the face of Australian small business. We want to see business owners and entrepreneurs, especially women, succeed and build professional relationships that involve championing each other. We assist rural clients in networking with appropriate businesses or individuals that can catapult their career. Our involvement with women in regional and rural areas has helped to counter the obvious struggles that come with geographical isolation.

Upower is also organising workshops to help women in business globally. Find our latest campaign here:

Help small business owners in Nepal

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